What does a GSI Membership provide?

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Membership of the Global Safety Index (GSI) provides company administrator access to the complete GSI Online System that includes:

  • Access to unlimited Lead and Lag Safety Performance Indicators and Benchmarking dashboards
  • Unlimited Safety Culture Index surveys and auto-generated online and offline reporting
  • Unlimited Safety Leadership Index surveys
  • Access to the Safety Leadership Personal Action plans
  • Unlimited Pulse surveys
  • Custom surveys
  • Ability to add custom questions and demographic filters
  • GSI member conferences and forums
  • Bespoke research projects (at additional fee)
  • Shared learning generated from GSI global membership
  • GSI research papers, member case studies, and newsletters

It is important that GSI membership be considered within a change management context, i.e. the impact of the introduction to GSI to the business needs to be considered and a strategic implementation strategy thoughtfully developed and executed.
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