Frequently asked questions

Absolutely! Your check-in can go to as many people as you like.

Nope!  1HSE can be used anywhere there is people such as schools, community groups, families etc.

This isn't a requirement.  However, we strongly suggest that people that receive check-ins are competent in being able to respond to someone in crisis (e.g. Mental Health First Aider).

Our parent company HSE Global can organise this training if required.

Yes, we have different pricing options available including fully customisable branding (white label).  Please contact us to discuss your needs.

For real-time notifications, yes.  However, the app can be used 'off-line', once a signal is received it will automatically sync the individual check-ins.

All data that goes in, can come out!  Data can be provided in different formats to suit internal reporting tools.

Yes! 1HSE has undergone full penetration testing.

No.  The individual email is their unique login name.  

There are multiple options available:

  1. Provide the list directly to your 1HSE contact to administer it
  2. Automate your payroll list via secure FTP
  3. Create a central list using our file and schedule to push the data to us at any interval (we can support this!)

1HSE is available for both IOS and Android and can be downloaded from the relevant app stores.

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