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Determine how the survey population will be able to access, complete and return the surveys

  • If all of the survey population has access to an email and a computer (any device connected to the Internet) then by default all surveys should be completed through the online GSI system. This is not only applicable in situations where all individuals have their own web-enabled computer and can access the single web link, but also email address, but also for individuals that can use a shared email address and a shared computer, e.g. any number of emails with survey links can be sent to a single email address with any number of individuals able to access the emails with the links from a single shared computer, such as a computer in a training or administration office, or an iPad that is available on the factory floor
  • If none of the survey population has ready access to a web-enabled access device, the surveys will need to be paper-based. In this situation careful consideration needs to be given to the process of printing, distribution, completion, collection and processing of the surveys to be uploaded into the GSI system (note: hard copy printing, distribution, collection and transport to GSI for processing at member expense / processing at $1,500 per day). This will impact primarily on increasing the cost and time in completing and finalising survey activity through to all results uploaded into the GSI online system
  • A combination of both online and hard-copy surveys used to ensure the entire survey population is able to be reached. A significant consideration in this scenario is to ensure that the hard copy and online survey versions are exactly the same in content and structure.