Profiling Activity Setup

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The online tool guides the company administrator/delegate in the survey setup process. However, it is important to ensure that due consideration is given to the following three potential elements to every profiling activity:

  • Is the organisational segmentation (org structure) up to date and accurate? The system allows the organisational structure to be updated at any time, but will also archive all previous structures in order to continue to allow surveys conducted under the older structures to be retrievable and able to be viewed
  • Have the desired filters been created and saved (and have you checked the ‘required’ box if you want it to be compulsory to respond)? The system will automatically apply the latest saved and enabled filters to all profiling activities. Any changes to the filters after a profiling activity has been setup and launched will not be shown for that activity. The csv template for a specific profiling activity should only be downloaded and populated once all filters have been entered and enabled
  • Have the desired custom questions been created? Including the ‘Free Text’ question is an option for all profiling activities but it is encouraged to be used as this has the potential to provide additional valuable insight into individual perceptions around safety