Stage 1 – GSI Implementation Strategy

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In this stage the organisation profile is setup within the GSI online system and the initial training and familiarisation in the use of the online tool is provided. This is typically done in a face-to-face 2–4 hour session in which a member of GSI Operations would guide the organisation’s designated system administrator/s in the use of the system.

However, in addition to this practical system setup it is highly recommended in this first stage that a comprehensive implementation strategy is formulated. This strategy will have elements unique to your organisation but is likely to include consideration of the following:

  • A tailored implementation strategy based on the prevailing ‘maturity’ of the organisational culture and leadership
  • An articulate communication of the role and contribution of GSI within wider HSE and organisational strategy
  • Clear expectations and accountabilities in respect of implementing, communicating and actioning the output from the GSI system
  • A strategy to engage key internal stakeholders in taking ‘ownership’ of the implementation process and provide ongoing support Setup Member organisation profile within GSI Online System

GSI Operations will support the organisation in the development of an effective Implementation Strategy:

  • Key stakeholders identified & involved
  • Business Case communicated
  • Aligned and integrated with existing strategies o Flow on impacts identified
  • Targeted Comms developed
  • Roll-out strategy confirmed
  • Implementation Review process agreed