Email Anti-spam Settings

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As part of using the GSI tool, GSI may send bulk email invitations to large numbers of users on your email domain.

To maximise the chances of mail sent from the system reaching your users, we recommend you take the following steps prior to launching a GSI Survey:

  • Ensure you can send and receive email from your normal email client to the 1hse.globalsafetyindex.com domain
  • Whitelist the no-reply@globalsafetyindex.com email address
  • Whitelist the 1hse.globalsafetyindex.com domain
  • Whitelist servers in the amazonses.com domain
  • Ensure you send a test from the system to your email address before launching a Survey

If you encounter an issue with participants not receiving emails from the system, please contact GSI for assistance support@globalsafetyindex.com.