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It is highly recommended that before a survey is sent out that some communication is received by the intended survey population to provide context for the survey. An effective communication process will result in a higher and more accurate survey response.
Consideration should be given as to how you would normally communicate with this survey population and whether an email is sufficient or whether it should be done in person, or a combination of the both, e.g. general written message from the CEO supported by message/s from line managers during a tool box briefing. If an internal intranet/messaging system is available, then further communication/s could be posted to support previous communications. This is often a balance of time and practicality but caution is advised as an ineffective communication strategy may result in a poor survey response, both in rate and accuracy.

In addition, both the email with the link to the online survey and within the introduction to the paper-based survey should include messaging that is consistent with and reinforces earlier communication/s received about the survey.

Your communication should be tailored to your business and reflect usual communication style and language, and account for any associated safety strategies or programs.

The following is a suggested format with a number of issues for you to consider in creating your own communication strategy [the issues are in bold and not meant to be included in the communication itself]. The wording is only meant to be indicative and should only be used to the extent it is appropriate to your organisation and situation.