measure, monitor and improve safety culture

The safety culture index allows organisations to capture employee perception of safety to identify safety culture maturity.

What is the safety culture index?

The SCI is a comprehensive multi-category survey tool used by over 64,000 users and approximately 4 million data points, making it the worlds largest safety culture and leadership database.  

With 56 questions covering 9 dimensions and 14 culture key drivers, It is designed to be a tool that provides a granular level of detail of an organisations safety culture that can be as broad or as a deep as required and provide targeted insights to influence an organisations strategic planning.

Employers are provided with a simple to navigate dashboard that can be incorporated with management and board reports along with a comprehensive report.

what does the safety culture index cover?

  • Management Commitment – Perceptions of management’s overt commitment to health and safety issues
  • Communication – The nature and efficiency of health and safety communications within the organisation
  • Priority of Safety – The relative status of health and safety issues within the organisation
  • Safety Rules and Procedures – Views on the efficacy and necessity of rules and procedures
  • Supportive Environment – The nature of the social environment at work, and the support derived from it
  • Involvement – Extent to which safety is a focus for everyone and commitment to being actively involved
  • Personal Priorities – The individual’s view of their own health & safety management & need to feel safe
  • Personal Appreciation of Risk – How individuals view the risk associated with work
  • Physical Work Environment – Perceptions of the nature of the physical environment
  • Attitudes to specific safety related systems and procedures (for example, permit to work systems) can be included as necessary.
  • In addition to the 56 comprehensive questions, members have the ability to ask additional custom custom questions as part of the survey 

identify and analyse 'cause and effect'

Real time tracking of organisation safety culture provides insight into organisational strength and weakness, enabling a focused approach to allocate time, resource and energy to to improve performance.

The SCI provides you the ability to answer “How is our Culture impacting our performance”?

INSTANT comprehensive report

GSI Safety Culture Index Report provides a detailed view on your organisations performance that is available immediately following your survey close date.  

The report is structured to provide granular and anonymous insights into specific areas of your organisation.

Safety Culture Maturity Index

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